Cashless Payment
Online Payment at Offline Business

Payment made easy at offline purchase. OpenSOL using innovative location based technology that make online payment possible.

Automatic Reward
Kick-In to get Rewards

Effortless Rewards. Just walk-in with pre-installed OpenSOL App to your favourite business and eligible for rewards.

Get your wish list when it require
Never missed what you needed

Never miss items you really want. Add to wish list anywhere, anytime and get notify when you are around that.


Online Payment
at Offline Business

  • Select Product

    When you enter Store, Restaurant etc, List of product offer by that business will be display on OpenSOL. You can add product into cart or you can ask business owner to do so.

  • View bill

    Bill generates automatic, once you add all items in cart or you can ask business owner to do so.

  • Payment

    You can pay with Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking or Mobile wallet through your smartphone. You can keep track of all your payment made through OpenSOL APP.

to get Rewards

  • Visit Shop

    Whenever you visit your favourite Store, Restaurant etc with OpenSOL. Your visit automatic counted.

  • Get Kicks

    Your visit earn kicks for you. when you make purchase even more kicks will be added to your OpenSOL account

  • Receive Rewards

    Redeem earned Kicks with discount in bill whenever you made next purchase or get free loyalty gift.


Never missed
What you needed

  • Add Product

    Add items into wish list as per your requirements, anywhere anytime.

  • Reminder Notification

    If you have added items in your wish list and when you are around that business. OpenSOL will give you reminder notification.

  • Quick buy

    When you walking with wish list, business owner may have prepared your product as OpenSOL informed in advance.


Fresh, bright, stylish, trendy and multi-purpose app for your smartphone.
Transaction History
How much you have spend

You can view transaction history of last one month and total amount spend for particular business till date.

Earned Kicks
Loyalty points based on physical visit

You can check earned Kicks business wise, when you are in business or away from the business. It may encourage to visit again.

Product Search
Category wise easy search

OpenSOL App provide easy search for products offers by business. Product are organise categories wise for easy to find.

Customer can view business star rating

You can view rating given by actual customer who have visited business. you can also give feedback when you are leaving them.

Precise Location
Map directed and written address

You can find exact location of business through map directed navigation as well as written address.

Receive coupons when you are around

Business around are broadcasting their special offers through coupons and deals. you an receive directly into your smartphone.


Amazing app to synchronize your phone and your life.

Check-Ins & Purchase
on OpenSOL Board
Special offers to customers
Redeem by customers
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